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Camping review of the Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground.Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground is a small little campground tucked away on Tarryall Road about nine miles south of Tarryall Reservoir. There are only nine designated sites at the campground, but most of them are right down on the Tarryall Creek. There are a few sites that are considered walk-in, but there is plenty of camping to be had further out in the wilderness. It is a nice little campground that offers good camping conditions and access to several hiking trails in Tarryall Mountains and the Lost Creek Wilderness area. There are a couple of sites that an RV can fit into here at Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground, but the rig can’t be too big (22 ft or less). If the campground here is full, you can hike into the wilderness area across Tarryall Creek and find additional camping areas there. Whether you want to camp out for the weekend and play in the creek, or you have a week-long backpacking trip, Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground is where you may want to spend your next camping trip.

Region: Northeast Colorado
Location: Google Map
Forestry: Pike National Forest Campground
Elevation: 8,600 Feet
Camp Sites: 9 Primitive Tent Camping Sites – Some are Walk-In Campsites
Cost: $14.00 a Night (additional costs for additional cars/tents may apply)
Season: Peak Season is Mid May through September
Activities: Biking, Bird Watching, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Photography, Picnicking, Snow Shoeing
Amenities: Trash Service, Vault Toilets, Well Water

Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground

Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground CampsiteThe campgrounds at Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground are established with wood and concrete picnic tables and a medium sized campfire ring; however, there are not established tent pads. Most sites do have places where it makes sense to pitch your tent or where you can see others have, but you do have the flexibility to move them around if you’d like. Just be sure not to flatten any natural bushes, shrubs or other plants. If you must to keep your tent near camp, try to move your tent every day so the plants can recover from your stay.

The campsites have medium-sized camp fire rings about three feet in diameter. They do not have rounded edges so be careful when you are making your fire. The fire rings here have ten inch wide grates for cooking, which are offset to one side of the ring. They are welded on so you should make your fire on one side of the fire ring and push your cooking coals underneath the grate when they are ready.

Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground CreekThere is some tree cover depending on the campsite, but most are fairly open to the sun and weather. This is not a place you should go camping with young children. With the thick underbrush and the river nearby, it can be a dangerous place for them. If you are camping here with them make sure to keep an eye on them since they can disappear quickly. Most of the valley along Taryall Creek has steep banks and edges so be careful as you explore the area.

Due to the terrain, this campground is not very handicapped friendly so if you are looking for a spot that would accommodate a wheelchair or other disabilities, this might not be the place for you.

There is no electricity or water here. The closest place to get fresh drinking water would be north on the road at Tarryall Reservoir.

Activities in the Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground

Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground TrailHiking and back country camping and travel is the main attraction of Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground. Whether you are camping at the trailhead or if you are heading to the back country, this is a great place to hike and explore the Lost Creek Wilderness. If heading into the back country for a hike, make sure to check the posted signs for the rules and regulations of the area. Also be sure to go into the wilderness area properly prepared with food, water and a map. Basic survival equipment should always be on your person as you explore the Lost Creek Wilderness Area.

Fly fishing is an obvious attraction here at Tarryall Creek, a great small stream for fly fishing. It can also be fun to tube and wade in as well. Cutthroat, Brook and Brown Trout can all be caught here. Due to the clarity of the water it is best to be careful when approaching the stream. There is a lot of accessible water here so be aware of who else is using the stream and give them a wide berth.

Final Thoughts on Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground

Twin Eagles Trailhead Campground ValleyTwin Eagles Trailhead Campground is a great little campground that offers a good camping experience. Tarryall Creek provides the wonderful sound of the river which is soothing and drowns out the noise of your neighbors. There are few campsites here and they are well spaced, allowing each camper to have their own piece of the wilderness for their camping trip. The many miles of hiking trails along with the Lost Creek Wilderness offer many days’ worth of time in the great outdoors, exploring the area and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. During the height of the season it can be difficult to get an established site at the trailhead, but you can always pack a backpack and take your gear back country. It might be more work but it is always worth the effort.


Rating: 6.9/10. From 19 votes.
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