Aspen Campground Near Gould Camping Review

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Aspen Campground Overview near Gould

Aspen Campground Near Gould Camping ReviewIf you want to go camping in a small, mostly overlooked campground, Aspen Campground near Gould may be just what you are looking for. The nearby State Forest State Park has a lot of campgrounds that most campers go to. At Aspen Campground, campers are going to find a small campground with about a dozen campsites. There is water and an outhouse here but it is far more primitive camping than you’ll find at a well-established campground. At Aspen Campground the sites are rough and each one is a little different. The campground itself is a large grove of aspen and the soil is rich with Columbine. Aspen Campground is best suited for tent camping and small trailers. Check out other nearby campgrounds if you are a camper who needs more room or more services. If you are looking for a small, quiet campground in which to pitch a tent for a few nights, Aspen Campground near Gould is a nice place to be.

Region: North West Colorado
Location: From Fort Collins, Colorado, drive north in US-287 for 6 miles, turn left on CO-14 and head west for 67 miles, turn left on Co Rd 21/Jcr 21 and follow for ½ mile. Stay to the right on 741. Aspen Campground is on the right. Google Map
Forestry: Roosevelt National Forest
Elevation: 9,000 Feet
Camp Sites: 10 Basic Campsites  ~ Poor for RV and Campers. Nothing over 25’. First come, first serve campsites.
Cost: $10 a Night
Season: Peak Season is June through to October
Activities & Amenities: Drinking Water, Fire Pits, Hiking, Self-Pay Station, Tables, Vault Toilets

Aspen Campground Campsites

The first thing to know about Aspen Campground is that it is first come, first serve. There are no reservations for this campground. So if you plan to go camping here make sure that you have a backup camping location in mind in case it is full. Luckily State Forest State Park is nearby with lots of different campgrounds to choose from. So if you find the Aspen Campground full, you should be able to find another campsite relatively close.

The campsites’ driveways are crude and not maintained. If you have an RV or camping trailer, this may be a reason to avoid Aspen Campground.  The drives are simply not designed or built for them. The best bet would be to camp at State Forest State Park instead.

The campsites here at Aspen Campground are spaced out well. This small campground is just one tiny loop of campsites, but each campsite seems to have lots of room. The amount of shade at each campsite vary widely. Some campsites have decent shade while others are out in the open.

Aspen Campground Campsite Wooden Picnic TableEach campsite has a nice sized long wooden picnic table. These are cemented into place and can’t be moved. Make sure to bring a few tablecloths to cover the tables before use. It might be a good idea to bring something to cover the benches, too, in case they are dirty or splintery.

The fire rings at Aspen Campground are tall with hinged grates. These kinds of fire rings are not great for heat but do work well to keep sparks in the fire. This area has been very hard-hit by beetle kill. To prevent forest fires, make sure that you put out any errant embers that escape the fire. The hinged grates on top are very nice. These are really good for cooking since they cover the entire fire.

There are no dedicated tent pads so try to pitch your tents in a flat area. Be mindful when picking a place to pitch your tent. It’s a good rule of thumb to have as little impact as possible in these areas. That way they can spring back and keep their beauty. This campground is particularly gorgeous when all of the columbine are flowering.

If you have stayed at the Aspen campground, please leave a comment below. Remember to mention the exact campsite you were in.

Amenities at Aspen Campground

It is also important to know that this campground does not have any camp host. It also does not have any trash service so make sure you are prepared to pack out everything you bring in.

Well water is available. There are other campgrounds nearby as well if you need water.

There is no dumping station here for RVs and campers.

There is no electricity in Aspen Campground.

There is cellular service for most. The area surrounding Aspen Campground is populated. Gould and State Forest State Forest is nearby so you should be able to find a good signal.

Things to do around Aspen Campground

Aspen Campground CampsiteBesides enjoying the peace and beauty of Aspen Campground, there is not much else to do in the immediate area. The whole campground is surrounded by private land. Make sure you do not wander outside of the fence around the campground.

With State Forest State Park so close there are many things to do after a little drive. Some activities include hiking, fishing, boating, and well as many other great outdoor activities. Just remember that as a State Park they do require a fee for a day pass. The good thing is that it covers many different places around Aspen Campground. These include Ranger Lakes, North Michigan Creek Reservoir, and the Michigan River.

If you are looking for something else to do you should also stop by the Moose Visitor Center for Colorado State Forest. It is a nice visitor center with lots of fun and interesting information about the area.

If you find that you forgot something you need to buy, the town of Walden is only about 20 minutes north on Highway 14. It is a nice and convenient place to pick up anything you need. It is also a good place to escape poor weather if the need should arise.

Final Thoughts on Aspen Campground

Columbine in Aspen Campground Camping ReviewAspen Campground near Gould is a great place to go tent camping. If you are the kind of camper that doesn’t need the frills other campgrounds offer, this may be the campground for you.

From what we saw of the Aspen Campground it did not look like many people stayed here. The vegetation was thick and lush at the height of the hot summer camping season. It should have been trampled and well-worn if the campground had seen a lot of campers.

Aspen Campground is a beautiful little gem of a campground. The amenities are few but the camping here is great. Go camping at the Aspen Campground if you want to avoid the crowds and spend a peaceful few days camping under the aspen in fields of columbine.

If you have been to Aspen Campground please post below.

  • What did you think of the campground?
  • What campsite did you stay in?
  • Did you have a good camping experience here?
  • What advice would you give to those that want to go camping at Aspen Campground?
Rating: 5.7/10. From 3 votes.
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