Camping Review of Hahns Peak Lake Campground

Rating: 4.9/10. From 24 votes.
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Hahns Peak Lake Camping Overview

Camping Review of Hahns Peak Lake CampgroundHahns Peak Lake campground is a nice National Park campground about an hour north of Steamboat Springs and about a half an hour north of Steamboat Lake. It’s a nice campground set in the thick forest surrounding Hahns Peak Lake. The campground itself is in a valley on the side of Hahns Peak and tucked back away from the main road. It can easily be missed if you are not keeping an eye out for it.

Hahns Peak Lake campground is a smaller campground with about 30 campsites just uphill of Hahns Peak Lake which is about 160 acres in size. There is good trout fishing around the lake from shore and from a boat. However, only motorless or electric motors are allowed on the lake. So if you have a bigger boat or a gas powered boat, you may want to stay at Steamboat Lake State Park instead.

The campgrounds here are well groomed and taken care of. The beetle kill is not bad here which allows the campground to have a good spread of trees.

Along with all of the wonderful ways to enjoy Hahns Peak Campground itself, there are tons of other great activities around the park such as wildlife viewing, photography, hiking, and even horseback riding.

Hahns Peak Lake Campground has become quite popular and will be full and busy throughout the summer camping season.

Hahns Peak Lake Campground Information

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Driving Directions:
From Steamboat Springs, Colorado, take U.S. Highway 40 west for 1.2 miles and turn north onto County Road 129. Proceed for 28 miles, then take Forest Road 486 west for 2 miles to the campground.
8,500 Feet
Total (27): Management (10), Standard Nonelectric (17)
Peak season is late June through early September.
Activities and Amenities:
Accessible Vault Toilets , Biking, Boat Ramp, Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Parking Area, Trails, Wildlife Viewing
Reserve a Campsite at Hahns Peak Lake Today!

Hahns Peak Lake Campsite Details

Flat Campsite at Hahns Peak Lake CampgroundHahns Peak Lake is a great place to go camping. It’s located at a higher elevation than many places and can be quite cool here. Make sure you pack accordingly and advise any new campers to bring warm clothes.

Most of the campsites have a good distance between them, out giving each spot plenty of privacy. There are a few areas where the campsites get a little close together but these are generally where the RV’s and campers go so even though they are close, the vehicles divide each site to help give them privacy. Hahns Peak Lake campground can accommodate most RV’s and campers up to 30 feet long, though the extra-large sites are limited.

The area all around Hahns Peak Lake is thick forest but there are a few trails to hike.

The campsites at Hahns Peak Lake campground are well groomed and maintained. Most of the campsites are nice and flat. Most of the campsites also have a few trees spread throughout the area. These trees thicken towards the edges of the campsites and provide excellent shelter from the wind.

The tables here at Hahns Peak Lake are the nice ADA accessible wooden tables. They all have a center pole that holds up the table. This gives lots of leg room and keeps animals off the table. You’ll probably want to wipe down the tabletop and then toss a vinyl tablecloth on it. Secure the tablecloth with a few long bungee cords and you will be set.

Pull Through RV and Camper Campsite at Hahns Peak Lake CampgroundThe fire rings in the campgrounds at Hahns Peak Lake are a good 12 inches high. These are great for helping to prevent forest fires but they are harder to cook on and don’t let off a lot of heat. This is a problem here at Hahns Peak Campground because it can get pretty chilly at this altitude. They also have the static fire grate shelves which I find really annoying. It’s nice to be able to flip the grate out of the way when getting your fire going or just trying to enjoy a brisk night around the campfire. These grates get in the way and block the heat of the fire. You can raise it up, but raising it is not as good as actually moving it out of the way.

Most of the tent pads in the campground at Hahns Peak Lake are your standard 12’ x 12’ size. If you have a bigger tent, it won’t quite fit it on the whole pad. The tent pads are flat and very smooth. All of the tent pads seemed to be placed in good spots. Some had shade and none looked like they were in danger of any flooding from a midafternoon rainstorm.

Most of the campsites’ parking areas are flat and easy to enter and exit for campers who are going camping in their RV’s or campers. There is no electricity or water at the campsites so make sure to come prepared for that. There is a dumping station at Hahns Peak Lake Campground.

All in all the campsites at Hahns Peak Lake are very nice and well maintained.  They are mostly spread out and all of the campsites have absolutely beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Thick trees all around the campground help block some of the wind.

Hahns Peak Lake Campground Activities

Good Trout Fishing at Hahns Peak Lake CampgroundThere are many things to do here at Hahns Peak Lake Campground. Hahns Lake brings a lot of campers to enjoy fishing from the shore and from a boat. There are also some really nice streams coming in and out of Hahns Peak Lake that are a lot of fun to fly fish.

The wildlife is robust at Hahns Peak Lake Campground. There is a wide variety of wildlife including deer, elk, bear, bobcat, moose, and more in the area. Watch the lake and the streams at dusk and dawn for your best chance to see some wildlife coming out of the thick woods for a little while. Don’t forget your binoculars and camera!

The other popular thing to do here at Hahns Peak Lake Campground is to enjoy the many hiking trails in the area. There are many trails that are accessible from the campground or are only a few minutes away. Some are even open to bike riding, horses, and ATV’s. Just make sure you are respecting others on the trail and follow the rules while in the campground itself.

There are also some great places nearby that can be enjoyed as well if you find the fishing bad, or want to go hiking. Hahns Peak is to the north and there are a lot of great hiking trails that can be explored. There is also Pearl Lake State Park and Steamboat Lake State Park if you want to try a State Park for the day.

If you need supplies or want to kill a little bit of time on a rainy day, Steamboat Springs is just an hour away. You can enjoy a hot meal after a cold night or get some replacement camping equipment.

Hahns Peak Lake Campground Camping Summary

View Across Lake to Hahns Peak Lake CampgroundHahns Peak Lake is a great place to go camping during the height of camping season. If you are planning to go very early in the season or very late, make sure that Hahns Peak Lake Campground is open. It will close when there is snow in the campground, and since it’s a high altitude area, that will be late into the spring and early in the fall. This is a nice area and it is likely that the entire campground is going to be full most of the season so make sure you get your reservations early! If for some reason you do not get reservations and try a blind trip, be ready to settle for whatever you have to.

The weather here is usually nice and mild. The campgrounds are nicely spread out, easy to use, and well taken care of. There are many things to do here so that everyone that stays can make the most out of their time at Hahns Peak Lake campground.

It can get cool, especially at night and early mornings so make sure that you pack a few extra clothes and coats to keep warm. The campsites do not have electricity or water hookups which will keep some away. You can get fresh water here from several wells.

Hahns Peak Lake Campground can be a good backup camping location if you have a spontaneous trip to Steamboat Lake State Park or the surrounding area and find that the campsites are full.

Hahns Peak Lake Campground is a great place to go camping. The elevation might be a little high for some and the cold temperatures may keep some away but overall this is a nice medium-sized campground. With plenty of wonderful outdoor activities to enjoy and the city of Steamboat relatively close by, Hahns Peak Lake Campground has a great mix of feeling like you are way out in the mountains while still having the convenience of modern day amenities relatively close. You’re sure to have a good time camping here, enjoying the wonderful Colorado outdoors.

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If you have been camping at Hahns Peak Lake campground please comment your likes, dislikes, and suggestions for camping here below. 

Rating: 4.9/10. From 24 votes.
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