Colorado Wildfire Map

Make sure to check out this Colorado Wildfire Map before you head out camping. Here at we want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for your camping trip. It would be terrible to remain totally unaware of a forest fire that might interfere with your camping trip. Often times forest fires shut down roads in and out of areas. Sometimes these roads are the only way to get to some of these far off, remote camping locations. Other times the fires might threaten the very area you plan to go camping in.

So take a moment and check this Colorado Wildfire Map before you go camping. It would also be a good idea to check out the Colorado Fire Ban and Restrictions information.

Preventing Colorado Wildfires

Using this Colorado Wildfire Map is not enough. If you are going camping make sure you have a shovel, fire extinguisher, and water handy at all times. When it is so hot and windy the smallest sparks can set off fires that can quickly spread. A little provention can stop accidental fires from getting out of control. So make sure that you are prepared for an unexpected fire. And if conditions are bad it might just be best to skip a fire.

Lastly, make sure that you always put all fires dead out. No smoke or heat should be detected from the fire at all. Even a few embers can quickly be stocked by the wind to create dangerous conditions. Many of the fires you see on the Colorado Wildfire Map are started by careless campers. Please don’t be one of them.

Camp Out Colorado - Colorado Wildfire Map

This way you can be ready for anything that might happen. As well as be prepared to postpone or change a camping trip if there a danger of a forest fire near your campground. Always be safe and cautious when it comes to forest fires.

*This map comes from the following URL: which is maintained by Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.