General Equipment Camping List

General Equipment Camping List

General Equipment Camping List for All Trips

This General Equipment Camping List is what every camper should use to get their trip off to a good start. The camping equipment listed here is what every camp should have. Each of these items has a good reason for being on the list. Even though some of these items might not be used on a particular camping trip, you will be happy you have them when you need them! A prepared camper who is organized with the right equipment can really make a camping trip great!

The General Equipment Camping List below shows two columns of check marks: the first makes sure you own (or have located) everything you need for your trip. The second column is for checking them off a when they are actually packed. This is a great way to double check that you have, and have packed, everything you need. This system has saved me frustration more than once when heading out to go camping!

The General Equipment Camping List is broken down into three separate sections:

  • Roughing It: Camping gear you will absolutely need.
  • Prepared Camper: Camping equipment that is nice to have.
  • Deluxe Camper: Not necessary but really nice to have in certain situations.

Use the print button to print a copy for you to use. Or you can “print to pdf” if you’d like this camping list on your phone or tablet. I have left a few blank fields on the list so you can add anything you would like.

If you are missing any items or need to replace an item, just click on the hyperlinked name of the item to search for one you want.

Click the printer icon to print this out.
Click the printer icon to print this out.


That wraps up the General Equipment Camping List. I know it is a long list but you will be glad you have something when it is needed.

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If you have any questions, comments, or suggested additions to this list please post your comments below. Happy Camping!