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Reserve a Campsite & Go CampingUse this map to reserve a campsite. Simply find a campground where you want to go camping and follow the links to reserve a campsite. We have reviewed many of these campgrounds. Check out our camping review to see if it is a place you would like to go camping. You cannot reserve a campsite in some of these campgrounds. These work on a first come, first serve basis. If you plan on camping in one of these make sure to have a backup campground to go camping in if you find the campground full. Many campground fill up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the summer.

Here at we are exploring great Colorado camping locations for outdoor enthusiasts who love to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful wilderness areas. To help all those campers out there we have created the campground map below with links in it to reserve a campsite. This map is marked with campgrounds in Colorado to help you find the ideal location for your camping trips. Some map notes will have additional information that may is helpful for your search for great campgrounds in Colorado.

You can also use this map to find other nearby campgrounds or scout future camping trips. Check back frequently as this campground map will be updated often.

Find and Reserve a Campsite

If you have found any Colorado camping locations that are not on this map please share them with Camp Out Colorado and we will add them to the campground map. We want to give campers all the tools they can to plan a great camping trip!

Many campgrounds can be very popular during regular camping season. Make sure to reserve a campsite as early as you possibly can. Reservations for campsites go quick!

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10 thoughts on “Reserve a Campsite & Go Camping

  • dale meiu

    I have always easily accessed both West Lake and Dowdy reservations in the past. I was able to stumble upon Dowdy but have not been able to connect with West Lake or Bellaire in Red Feather. What happened to the old system–worked every time? My favorites have now become part of the “hidden gems” of camping and inaccessible.

    • Camper T Post author

      Camp Out Colorado does not do any management of the reserve systems that we reference. They went through a major revamp and changed a ton of things outside of our control. The best way we have found so far is to use the following website for reservations:

  • Ambrosia Nelson

    I’m having a difficult time reserving at West Lake and Dowdy Lake near Ft Co, CO. when I click on the link to reserve, it takes me to Reserve America that says they don’t handle reservations for either place. Please help.

    • Camper T Post author

      The best thing to do if you are out and at a campground is to talk to the camp host to see if they have any openings. Otherwise you can check this link: Reserve USA

      We do not take reservations directly on I hope you found a spot!