Flatirons Reservoir Campground Camping Review

Rating: 4.5/10. From 22 votes.
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Flatirons Reservoir Camping Overview

Flatirons Reservoir Campground Camping ReviewFlatirons Reservoir is right outside of Loveland Colorado, near Pinewood Reservoir and Carter Lake. Pinewood Reservoir attracts a lot of day use from the Front Range, especially the Loveland area, since it is only about 15 minutes west of the city.

There is a good variety of campsites here; just about any camper should be able to find a campsite that suits their needs. There are even a couple of cabins that are very handicapped accessible. It’s good to see something like this so close to the Front Range.

Because Flatirons Reservoir campground is so close to Loveland and the Front Range, you will definitely want to make sure you get reservations. There is a lot of day use traffic at Flatirons Reservoir because it is easily accessible, warm, and close.

If you need something close and/or accessible, Flatirons Reservoir is a good place to go camping. The campground is well taken care of and it is close in case you need to head back into Loveland for anything.

Flatirons Reservoir Campground Information

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Driving Directions:
From Denver:Take I-25 north to Exit 257B (Highway 34 - Loveland) heading west. Continue west through Loveland on U.S. Highway 34 (Called Eisenhower in Loveland) Watch for the "Carter Lake" road sign just past mile marker #85. Turn left (south) onto County Road 29 and continue for 2 miles. Turn right (west) onto County Road 18E and continue another 2 miles. Watch for signs directing you turn left (south) to the park entrance station. (You must buy your park entrance permits here
5,470 Feet
Total (37): Pavilion (1), Standard Electric (33), Tipi (3)
Peak season is June through August. Camping available year round.
Activities and Amenities:
ADA Fishing Pier, Comfort Station, Drinking Water, Dump Station, Fishing, Horseshoes, Lake, Lake Front, Parking, Picnic Shelter, Picnic Tables, Picnicing, Restroom, Shelters, Water Drinking
Reserve a Campsite at Flatiron Reservoir Today!

Campsite Details

The campground at Flatirons Reservoir is spread out along the southern shore of this small 47-acre reservoir. Flatirons Reservoir and the nearby Pinewood Reservoir are part of the Bureau of Reclamation and the water levels of each can change drastically depending on the need for water. The campsites are a bit back from Flatirons Reservoir to accommodate the fluctuating water height.

The campsites themselves at Flatirons Reservoir are well taken care of. All of the campground and campsites are fairly open. There is a smattering of trees spread throughout the campground, but you may want to be sure to bring a canopy or fly to give yourself some shade here.  There are a few campsites that have shelters built over the tables if they do not have any trees in the campsite. But there are only a few of these so make sure to bring something unless you know you will be in one.

Flatirons Reservoir Campground Camping Review - Covered Picnic AreaMost campsites are very flat which makes for great tent camping. This is also great for RV’s and trailers to easily get set up. Some of the campsites here have tent pads while others do not. If your campsite doesn’t have the small boxed-in, gravel-filled tent pads, you can pitch your tent anywhere around your campsite. Just make sure to place it in a spot where there hasn’t been a tent for a few days. Also, keep an eye out for prickly pear cactus. You definitely do not want that nasty surprise coming through the bottom of your tent.

The tables at the Flatiron Reservoir campground are large, sturdy, wooden ones which are nice to have. They also have the extended ends to accommodate wheelchairs. In fact most of the Flatiron Reservoir campground seems to be designed with campers with disabilities in mind. I’m sure many out there will appreciate this.

The fire rings at Flatirons Reservoir are large, with good vent holes along the bottom. They are a little tall but that shouldn’t be an issue at this low elevation campground. It doesn’t get as cold here as it does at the higher elevations. The fire rings do have two grates which you usually don’t see on most fire rings. It’s nice to be able to flip both of them over to cook or to make sure your fire stays inside of the ring. However, you might want to wrap some reflective aluminum foil on the outer edges when the grates are open. This might help you notice them in the dark and keep you from bashing your shins.

Flatirons Reservoir Campground Activities

Flatirons Reservoir Campground Camping Review - Fishing DockWhen you are up camping at Flatirons Reservoir, you’ll have a few options for recreational activities.  It’s definitely not the most pristine mountain area, but it is a nice place to go camping and relax.

Many campers here spend their day fishing at the reservoir. There is no public access on the dam, but everywhere else there is good shore fishing. Tiger Muskie are stocked here, so be sure to bring your rattle bait. There is no boating or swimming of any kind at Flatirons Reservoir, so you can leave that gear at home. Yes, even the belly boat.  However, if you need to get your boat in the water, you can take a day trip over to Carter Lake or up the road further to Pinewood Reservoir. If you have a large boat, head over to Carter Lake. Smaller, wakeless boats are allowed on Pinewood Reservoir.

If water sports aren’t your forte when camping, the campground has some horse shoe pits as well as a lot of open space where you can enjoy any number of activities like football, Frisbee, or whatever might suit your fancy.

Flatirons Reservoir Campground Camping Summary

Flatirons Reservoir Campground Camping Review - ADA Camping CabinAll in all, Flatirons Reservoir is a nicely maintained campground. It is very accessible, from the very young, to the very old, able and disabled. There are a few things to do here, and it’s an especially nice place to kick back and relax. This would be a nice place to go toward the beginning or end of camping season, or as a first-time camping experience. It’s not a long drive and the lower elevation means it won’t get as cold as places further into the mountains.

It is close to the city so it can be crowded and get pretty busy during the peak season. This is a good place to go if you just need something close or quick or if Carter Lake is full. You can camp here as a base camp. However, if you have time to plan and more miles you are willing to travel, there are plenty of other nice places deeper into the Colorado Wilderness that you may want to check out.

Reserve a Campsite at Flatiron Reservoir Today!

If you have been camping at Flatirons Reservoir Campground please post your likes, dislikes, and suggestions. Your fellow campers would love to hear from you!

Rating: 4.5/10. From 22 votes.
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