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Best Fishing Times Solunar CalendarLooking for the best fishing times? Find the best time to go fishing with Camp Out Colorado’s Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar. This calendar can also be used to find the best time to hunt as well. Stop by and check the daily fishing conditions at the top of the calendar! The calendar can also help campers and day adventurers decide when to fish during their camping trips in Colorado. Camp Out Colorado’s Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar can also be used for other locations around the globe to find out the best fishing times by changing the fishing time. Just adjust Camp Out Colorado’s Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar for the appropriate time zone. Since we focus on camping out in Colorado we have the calendar set to Colorado time which is -7 GMT. Also, Colorado observes Daylight Saving Time, so adjust your time if you are somewhere that doesn’t. If you’re camping or fishing somewhere on the east coast, add 2 hours. If you’re in the central time zone, add one hour, and if you’re in the pacific time zone, just subtract one hour to determine your best chances for landing the big one!

Camp Out Colorado’s Best Time to Fish Calendar  is based off of the solunar theory, which has proven to be very successful and has been used by outdoor enthusiasts for many years. Even though we have mentioned fishing when talking about this solunar calendar, Camp Out Colorado’s Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar should also be just as effective for hunting. Most animals fall into the solunar rhythms noted on the table below. So whether you are hunting or fishing, Camp Out Colorado’s Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar should help you be more successful.

Don’t forget to check our Colorado fish stocking database to see which bodies of water near you might be teeming with fish!

Best Fishing Times for Colorado

Make sure to bookmark and save Camp Out Colorado’s Best Time to Fish Calendar solunar table for easy reference! 


Day Sun Best Fishing Good Fishing Moon  


 Camp Out Colorado's Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar Notes:

Each day is rated 0 to 5 fish. Just like 5 stars, 5 fish is a great day to go fishing or hunting. On the days of worse fishing you will find a hiking icon instead of fish. It may just be better on those days to take some time off from hunting and fishing and enjoy the many other things the great outdoors has to offer!

All of these best fishing times are given in Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). If you are outside of that time zone, just add or subract a little time to get the best fishing and hunting times for your local area.

Bad weather will usually have an effect on fishing and hunting. If the barometer is going down it will usually lower your chances for good fishing. On the other hand, if the barometer is steady or rising, fishing will likely be better.

Best Fishing is the best time during the day to go fishing. This is when there will likely be the most activity with fish and game. Good Fishing is the minor periods of activity and will generally be a little slower but still better than the rest of the day.

There are some short notes for each day to further explain the best fishing times. Sundown and sunset can both be good times for fishing or hunting.  Camp Out Colorado's Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar will make note of the best times during sunrise and sunset as well.

Make sure to bookmark, Like, and share Camp Out Colorado's Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar with your fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Camp Out Colorado wishes you the best of luck fishing and hunting. And remember, if the fish aren't biting it's because you didn't share this solunar calendar with them!

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16 thoughts on “Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar

    • Camper T Post author

      The solunar calendar has been fixed. There was an update a little while back that messed it up. Thanks for the heads up and it should be working again. GL!

  • George Strimbu

    I have fished heavily at Chatfield lake since retiring some 32 years ago. Trout fishing has declined precipitously from 12 to 4 trout per day due to the whirling disease spread, but remains a sporting pleasure
    Your fishing time tables are a great help, given the failure of the Denver Post regularly and adequately publish sam

  • Randy Jesse

    I visit your web site often for the solunar fishing calendar. For the last week or so, I can’t seem to find it. Could you help, please.

  • Patrick Carmichael

    How do you know the fish will be biting? What methods do you use to make these predictions? And is this a general prediction applied to all of Colorado or just the best, most well stocked lakes?

    • Camper T Post author

      This is built off solunar theory. Find the basics here:

      For this report I wrote an algorithm that looks at how the sun and the moon line up with each other. How the rise/set times matchup as well as what the moon cycle is. The best times is when the sun and moon are close to being in sync. Also no moon tends to be better than a full moon.

      My take on it may seem a little harsher than others. It’s always a good time to fish. But it is not always a good time to catch (according to Solunar theory). However, we often joke that the fish don’t check the website before they decide if they are hungry. :)

      This is specifically geared towards Colorado, though the times will line up if you are anywhere in the same time zone (MST). If you are not, it’s easy to just add or subtract a few hours depending on what side you are on. In the future I hope to add time zones as well as integrate weather into the fishing forecast.

      The solunar calendar does not consider how stocked a lake is. If you want to see that check out the Fish Stocking Report. This will display more fish (better fishing) the more recently and frequently a body of water has been stocked.
      Fish Stocking Report
      Thanks for your questions. I hope this helps you catch fish and understand how I come up with these numbers.

      • Patrick Carmichael

        Yes, this is great! I also study the Moon for other reasons as there is a biblical calendar that has the beginning of a new month starting with the conjunctive moon, (darkened moon).