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There is nothing like the sound of the wind flowing through pine trees. Once I hear that, I know it’s time to unplug from everyday life and enjoy nature. While my husband writes the vast majority of articles for this website, I wanted to share some camping tips for those women, like me, who love camping but might not want to go 100% back to nature!

People are usually taking pictures when we go camping. Other people might have vacation photos from tropical locales, but we spend our vacations in the woods. There is no hotel room for freshening up, but I want to look somewhat decent in our vacation photos. Some of our best photos are from camping, because we generally look relaxed and happy.

Also, I want to be as comfortable as I can be. Camping doesn’t lend itself to the best night’s sleep, and you’re not there for good sleep, but the better you can sleep, the more you’ll enjoy yourself during the day.

Lastly, I want to feel as clean as you can feel when you are camping in the dirt!

With these goals in mind, I’ve put together a list of the things I have found make our camping trips more photo-friendly, comfortable, and clean!

  • Bring the bare minimum of makeup to make you feel a bit better about getting your photo taken. I bring a small zippered bag with eyeliner pencil, an eyeshadow compact, tweezers, and concealer. The tweezers usually come in handy for wood splinters, anyway.
  • I always wash my face before bedtime at home, and in my morning shower. It’s like my body’s signal to settle down for bed and then wake up in the morning. That’s more difficult (and cold!) when you are camping, so I found face wipes in the face cleansers section of the store. They are disposable wipes that come in a resealable pouch and are made for your face, to remove makeup and dirt. My husband uses them when we are camping too. No one wants a greasy, dirty face!
  • I alter my bedtime and getting ready routines for camping, but I still maintain a routine. Going to bed includes brushing teeth, using face wipes on my face, brushing my hair, etc. Getting up includes wiping my face, getting my sunblock on, putting on a little makeup, brushing my hair into a ponytail, etc. I also like to use my face wipes to wipe under my arms and any other place that might have gotten a bit sweaty the day before. It probably doesn’t help but it makes me feel better to make an attempt.
  • Remember, you can bring items that make you feel fresher, deodorant, toothpaste, etc., but it’s best not to store them in your tent (the scents can attract bears). You should store your scented toiletries in your vehicle, or if you are backpacking, store them with your food.
  • I get cold a LOT easier than my husband. He might laugh when I am bundled up in snow gear at 6 pm on a summer evening in the mountains, but I am happy when I am warm and comfortable and there is no reason to suffer. I also wear layers of thermals while sleeping in my mummy bag. The point is, pack your gear to match YOUR needs.
  • We always have a package of baby wipes or wet ones available. You can at least wipe your hands with these. I tried using hand sanitizer one trip, but then I figured if I feel I need sanitizing, I should probably just wash my hands. And that brings up my other point: sometimes you just need to wash your hands. So hang a collapsible water jug from a tree, have some biodegradable soap available, and wash your hands. It will make you feel better at s’mores time.

Cold Weather Camping Gear for Women

If you’re backpacking, you have a LOT less leeway with “luxury” items, since every ounce counts. If you’re car camping, bring along some items that make you feel better. You don’t get extra camping points for going without your favorite lip balm.

Just remember, camping is about having fun. There’s no reason to be miserable. If you’re camping in a tent near your car or have a camper, you can and should pack a few things that will make you more comfortable.

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6 thoughts on “Women Go Camping Too!

  • Robert Dares

    My wife loves camping more than I do. She always packs everything, and ensures she has most if not all the comforts of home with us. These days, with the gear that is available there is really no need to “rough it” unless you really want to rough it. I think that is more a man thing, mostly because, at least in my case, I am kind of lazy and going a day or two without shaving is right up my alley….lol.

    • Camper T

      I know what you mean. They have a just about anything you want camping now portable and battery powered. Though I will say I don’t mind skipping a day or two shaving myself.

  • Go Camping Australia Family

    I never camped for years because I couldn’t imagine life that didn’t involve showers, hair washing, makeup etc each day, but I have learned to adapt to camping life using similar techniques that you mention above.

    When we are truly out bush, the makeup is often left off but I ensure I am the one taking all the photos on that day!

    Lots of women don’t camp because they think they are going to be all feral. But it is easier than expected to look groomed, and feel clean…..Mind you a hot shower at the end of the day remains a true luxury (should you be lucky enough to be near one).