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p1010222Late summer is a great time! Why do you ask? Because local sweat corn is finally ready! So if you get the chance I would definitely suggest that you pick up a dozen or so ears of corn on your way out of town for your camping trip. Keep them in the shuck and put them in the cooler. I am going to show you a nice, easy and tasty way to prep these for a great camping meal.

You will want to prepare this corn along with something else you are cooking over a camp fire. The corn will be cooked right on the campfire ring grate. Make sure you have most of your other cooking done before you start cooking the corn. You could prep your corn while the meat and other pieces of your meal are cooking. Once the corn is ready for the grill, it will only take 6-8 minutes to heat it up. You will want to eat it right off the grill so make sure the corn is the last thing to go on as you are planning the cooking times for the rest of your meal.

Campfire Roasted Corn


Campfire roasted corn on the cob is an easy and tasty addition to any camping meal.

Prep Time

Cook Time

Total Time


Serving Size

10 1 Cob

Camp Out Colorado Campfire Roasted Corn Recipe

Campfire Roasted Corn Recipe Ingredients

  • Corn | 10 cobs
  • Butter | 1stick
  • Salt | 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar | 1 tablespoon
  • Pepper | 1 tablespoon

Campfire Roasted Corn Recipe Instructions


  1. To prep the corn, you will want to pull back the husks of each one, to the bottom of the ear, but don’t pull them off. It’s important to leave these on because the husks are what you will be roasting the corn in. Pull as much of the silk off as you can and throw it in the fire or in the trash.
  2. If the corn has a long stalk, don’t break it off. It makes a great handle!
  3. Next, lightly butter the corn.  You could use spray margarine, or spread butter or margarine on with a small brush, or just roll the corn on a stick of butter.
  4. Sprinkle salt, pepper and sugar, yes sugar, onto the corn to taste.
  5. Now pull the husks back up over the corn to cover it. It won’t cover it completely, but try and keep the gaps smallish.
  6. Pull off a strip of one of the longer outer husks.
  7. Wrap the strip like a ribbon toward the tip of the ear and tie it to hold the corn husks together.
  8. Stack your corn and have it ready as the last thing you cook.
  9. Lay all of the corn on the grill with the stalks facing out. This way you can grab the stalks to turn them.


  1. Let them sit for about 2 minutes per side, and then turn them.
  2. Depending on the size of the corn, they will need 3 or 4 turns to heat them up.
  3. Once the outer layers of the husks begin to roast, you know that the corn is ready to turn.
  4. Once they’re done, stack them on a plate or a tray. Don’t remove the husks, they keep the corn warmer.
  5. Tear off the husks and enjoy! Salt, pepper or sugar them more if needed.

Campfire Roasted Corn Recipe Notes

Choosing Good Grilling Corn

When you choose your corn make sure that it has a lot of thick husks on it. You will also want to choose ears with longer stalks, since you’ll use the stalk as a handle for holding your corn. Check the tips of each ear of corn to check for worms, but try not to damage the husks.

Cooking the Corn on the Campfire

Cooking the corn on the fire is a nice and easy way to heat up the corn. Heating it up is all you are really doing. Cooking it too long makes the corn mushy and breaks down the sugars inside so it will not be as flavorful. You want to end up with nice firm sweet corn where the kernels pop with sugary sweet flavor when you bite into them.

Once everything else is cooked and people are getting ready to sit down and eat, put the corn on the grill. This way you can serve it hot and fresh, the best way to eat it.

Camp Cooking

Camp Cooking

This is a pretty quick and easy way to prepare fresh corn on the cob while you are out camping. It is simple, easy and tasty. With the right sweet corn you get a good corn on the cob taste with a hint of smoke which is something you miss out on unless you are out camping. This makes a great topper to a tasty camping meal. Give it a try! It is easy to do and you will be rewarded with some tasty corn on the cob when you are out “roughing it” while camping!

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