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Camping Gear Holiday Gift GuideDo you know what time it is? It’s the time of year when we find ourselves looking for gifts for that special someone. Camping gear and equipment is a great gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. However, we often forget about camping as the snow flies and the temperature drops. With a little foresight, you can get great camping gifts for those outdoor enthusiasts you know. Use this Holiday Gift Guide to find the perfect camping equipment gift!

What Kind of Camping Gear to Give

When you consider camping gear and equipment, first consider the type of camper you are gift shopping for.

Tent Camping Gear Considerations

On one end of the camping spectrum is tent camping. Tent camping requires you to bring everything you need separately. Not only that, it often needs to be carried into the wilderness.

So do you know if the person you’re shopping for a tent camper? Do they backpack in or just not want to pack their car to bursting for a weekend trip?

If so they could probably use just about any kind of camping gear. However, the camping gear should serve an important camp purpose, be light, and easily packed and hauled. Some great gift ideas are camp chairs, sleeping bags, tents, first aid kits and more. Check out some of our picks for tent campers from Amazon below.

RV and Trailer Camping Gear Considerations

On the other side of the camping spectrum is RV camping. RV camping means the camper has nearly everything they need in the RV. Only clothes and food are needed to be gathered for camping. Everything else is already provided in the RV.

Are you shopping for someone who uses an RV? If so, they probably don’t need much of the main camping gear like tents, stoves, or sleeping bags.  Instead, camping novelties, games, and increased comfort should be the goal of your gift to an RV camper. Some good gift ideas for campers are things like GPS, area guides, spotting scope and more. Below are some of our Amazon picks for RV and trailer campers.

Holiday Gift Guide – Ideas for Camping

Well we hope that you find these recommendations helpful. They should help you find just the right camping gear for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. This can also be a great time to get good deals on camping gear you yourself may need for the next season. Keep that in mind when looking for camping gear holiday gift ideas for others!

If you are looking for smaller or less expensive camping gear gift list ideas, check out our Camping Gear Guide – Small Gift Idea page.

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