Free Fishing Weekend June 7 and 8

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Free Fishing Weekend in Colorado June 7 and 8

Colorado’s free fishing days are coming up on June 7th and June 8th. Outdoor enthusiasts can fish without a license. All other rules and regulations apply so make sure to stick to your fishing limits for whatever you are fishing for. Fishing is a fun and family friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. Colorado is wonderful place to fish as we have a large variety of types of fish. Colorado is almost split in half with cold fresh water fishing areas in the mountains and higher elevations (approximately 6000 feet or higher). At lower elevations and out along in plains there are fresh warm water areas to fish (approximately 6000 feet or lower). Colorado is rich in both large bodies of water such as lakes and pounds to moving bodies of water such as rivers and creeks. This offers Colorado a huge variety in the types of fishing that can be done. For the more adventurous there is river fishing with a flies. For more family friendly areas there are many ponds and lakes to enjoy.

Please remember to be courteous when you out this weekend enjoying the free fishing weekend. There are bound to be crowds so make sure to respect your neighbor and give anyone fishing enough room and peace to enjoy what Colorado has to offer.

If you plan to fish around rivers and streams this weekend be very careful. Run off this year is pushing most creeks and rivers over their banks and the fishing may be treacherous. Please be careful around this fast moving water. No fish is worth getting hurt over.

Be aware that the free fishing weekend does not include possible day passes, park passes, or other location specific fees. Be prepared to pay these if you decide to take advantage of the free fishing weekend.

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