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Labor Day Weekend Closes Camping Season

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Labor Day Weekend Camping In Colorado Tips and TricksLabor Day weekend is upon us and many are packing up to enjoy the last of summer camping in Colorado. For many campers, as well as many campgrounds, Labor Day marks the end of the normal camping season in Colorado.

Most of the campgrounds in Colorado are still open later in the year and many of them remain open year round. However, with those that are open later expect to see many of the amenities closed down or limited. Sometimes camping fees are also reduced as water or electricity may be turned off. You may also have a hard time reserving any campsites after Labor Day as most campgrounds move to first come, first serve campsites.

With the final trip of the year planned out and being organized it is a good idea to keep in the back of your mind a few things you can do on this final trip to make sure your camping experiences next year are as good as they can be.

Labor Day Weekend Campsites in Colorado

Many of us Colorado campers find other areas that look great for camping when we are on our regular trips but these new campsites often fade through the winter. Then when the next camping season is upon us we fall back to the old default campgrounds that we have always gone to.

Take a few notes and mark down places you enjoyed or visited. Use this last trip as a scouting mission and take notes, pictures and mark places on your map that you would like to give a try next year. Often times just exploring new campgrounds can be more fun than staying in places you know just because they are new.

Ideas and Experiments Camping

When you are out camping it is a good bet you may be trying a new food, a new way to set up camp or you are trying to get your old gear to make it through the last trip. Make sure to take up a pen and a notepad and take notes of your ideas and thoughts about camping gear. Campers will often run into a great idea while cooking. Or maybe a piece of your camping equipment is about to give out or is very old. Write these things down so you can remember what else to bring camping next time.

This time of year there are also great sales on end of season camping equipment. It is the prime time to replace that peace if camping equipment that is either broken or out of date. It is a good idea to check out these deals even if you do not need any specific gear. You may find new kinds of camping gear or something you have wanted for a long time at rock bottom prices.

Take Good Care of Camping Equipment after Labor Day Camping

The most important part about the end of the season camping trip on Labor Day Weekend is not the trip itself, but what you do with your camping equipment when you get back home. After the last camping trip of the season it is easy to just toss the gear aside and forget about it until next summer. This is not what you want to do!

When you get home make sure to set out your sleeping bags and other bedding materials. Wash what you can. It is very important that you are sure that it is all 100% dry before it is stored away. When you store them try to put them in a large airtight plastic container. This will ensure that no insects can get to them or that they accidently get wet over the winter.

Labor Day Weekend Camping Take Care EquipmentPut your tent aside where you can see it and remember it. On the next hot sunny day set it up and wash it out. Sweep out the inside at the very least. Use a hose to wash both the inside and outside to get rid any mud or food smells. Do not use any soup of any kind unless it is specifically designed to clean your tent. Let the hot sun dry it out and pack it away carefully with the rest of your gear.

These are just a few of the most important things to do. I would suggest going through all of your gear to clean and organize it. It might seem like a lot of work right after the final camping trip of the year but the extra effort will pay for itself easily come the following camping season.

With everything put away properly you can rest easy knowing that it will all be clean and ready for your first camping trip in the year to follow.

Enjoy this Labor Day Weekend and make the most out of this last camping trip. Enjoy camping now but don’t forget to take these few extra steps to make your next season of camping even better!

Looking for more Colorado camping information this Labor Day Weekend? Visit Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s camping section to see what is going on this weekend.


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