Order Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online

Order Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online

Did you know you can Order Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online? It’s that time of year again. Time when last years licenses run out and the weather starts to get nice. It’s easy to forget that your fishing license expires on 3/30.

Both hunting and fishing licenses can now be purchased online. All you need to do is fill out the information and print out your receipt as a proof of purchase. Then, keep an eye out in the mail for your license.

Order Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online now from Colorado Parks and Wildlife!

Take a moment to look through some of the options that are offered by each license. Don’t forget to buy things like the extra rod stamp for fishing licenses. Not only does it cover that extra rod when your kid runs off to play you can also use it when they aren’t around. Throw one bait line out and then spin with the other. Double you chances of landing the big one!

What is a Habitat Stamp?

Each individual wishing to buy or apply for a fishing or hunting license must purchase a $10 Habitat Stamp for the license year (April 1 – March 31 annually). This fee will be automatically included in the price of your first fishing or hunting license for the year if purchased online, through the 1(800) 244-5613 phone line, or in person at a Colorado Parks and Wildlife area office​ or license agent.

For more information, call CPW at (303) 297-1192.​

  • The Habitat Stamp costs $10.59.
  • Individuals only have to purchase ONE Habitat Stamp for the entire season (April 1 – March 31 annually).
  • Anyone aged 18 through 64 must buy a stamp in order to buy or apply for a hunting or fishing license. 
  • If you are disabled, you may not need a habitat stamp. See disability information​.
  • Hunters applying for a limited license must purchase a stamp to apply for the drawing process.
  • ​Anyone buying a one-day or additional-day license for fishing and/or small game is exempt from purchasing the habitat stamp with the first two of these licenses. The habitat fee will be assessed when a third one-day or additional-day license is purchased for fishing or small game.

Protecting Habitat and Providing Access

​Habitat loss is one of the leading issues impacting the survival of fish and wildlife for future generations. Purchases of the Habitat Stamp provide the core funds for the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Protection Program. The program provides a means for Colorado Parks and Wildlife to work with private landowners, local governments, and conservation organizations to protect important fish and wildlife habitat and provide places for people to enjoy our wildlife heritage.

Habitat Stamp at Work

​​Since the Habitat Stamp’s legislative inception in 2006, the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Protection Program has:

  • Conserved 250,000 acres of key wildlife habitat (more than 271 square miles)
  • Secured 117,000 acres of new public access
  • Opened 319 miles of new fishing access
  • Protected more than 100,397 acres of big game winter range/migration corridors
  • Saved critical habitat for sage-grouse and other imperiled species

Small Stamp Big Difference

​Purchases of the Habitat Stamp provide the core funds for the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Protection Program. The agency has leveraged a variety of other funds around this core – including Great Outdoors Colorado and federal State Wildlife Grants – to extend the program’s reach. These combined funds have been focused on protecting fish and wildlife habitat and opportunities for hunting and fishing.

Best Hunting and Fishing Time

If you haven’t already stop by and bookmark our Best Hunting and Fishing times solunar calendar to help you find the best times to go out and fish.

Also be sure to keep an eye on our Colorado Fish Stocking Report to find out when your favorite fishing holes are filled up with fish!

So if you haven’t already, make sure to renew your licenses. Order Fishing and Hunting Licenses Online today!

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