Recognize Theodore Roosevelt on Presidents Day

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On Presidents Day make sure that you take a moment to reflect on one of the greatest presidents and champions of America’s natural beauty, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.  He was one of the most influential presidents ever to be in the office in regards to protecting and enhancing America’s plethora of natural wonders. Not with standing his efforts in politics, the economy, American rights and his far from standard foreign policy, he excelled at watching out for and protecting America’s natural beauty.

Here are just a few of his contributions that made such an impact on America’s natural beauty.

  • He helped to make sure Yellowstone was reserved and protected from industrial interests.
  • He created the Pelican Island Bird Reservation to fend off the extinction of the birds there whose feathers were used for hats.
  • Created more than 50 animal refuges nationwide through his long history as an environmental champion.
  • Founded the federal Reclamation Service to use dams and irrigation for farmland and to protect natural wildlife areas.
  • He also created the Bureau of Forestry to protect the vast American forests.
  • He created a great many National Parks across the country.

Here in Colorado there is a large swath of land that is known as Roosevelt National Forest. One place I know camper and outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed. Roosevelt National Forest is a large section of the north central Colorado Rockies east of the continental divide.

  • The Roosevelt National Forest began in 1897 as part of the Medicine Bow Forest Reserve. It was renamed the Colorado National Forest in 1910, and was renamed to honor President Theodore Roosevelt in 1932.
  • The forest has a total area of 813,799 acres.

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If you haven’t camped in this area of Colorado I would highly recommend it. Roosevelt National Forest is a beautiful place with many great places to go camping and areas to explore.  Roosevelt National Forest is also close enough to most of the front range cities in Colorado that it is an ideal place a day trip, if you unable to fit in a camping trip.

Take a moment on Presidents Day to reflect on all this amazing president, Theodore Roosevelt, has done for us. Remember him when you are out enjoying the natural wonders and beauty of Colorado or anywhere else. Without his efforts we would not have these national treasures that we enjoy today. With his love and passion for the natural world, President Theodore Roosevelt’s diligence in protecting nature and the beauty of America has preserved these places forever for our children. Our children’s children will be able to enjoy these natural places and camp in these parks.

For more information on of America’s most amazing presidents check out these websites.


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