Tent Camping Rules

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camping-tent-footTent camping is a lot of fun, but that fun can be ruined if a few simple rules are not followed by you and your tent partner.

Always Close the Tent Doors and Windows

The only time that the doors or unscreened windows should be open is when you are getting into or out of the tent. It only takes a few seconds to let in bugs or other unwanted animals. Chipmunks are very inquisitive and many people feed them either on purpose or accidentally while they are camping. This means that they may expect food from people and are eager to get into your tent and investigate. Don’t give them the opportunity!

Never Keep Food or Drink in your Tent

A canteen or bottled water is ok but you should never keep any other kind of drink or food in your tent. Many animals have a keener sense of smell than humans do and will tear a hole in your tent to get to anything that smells vaguely like food. Your tent is only a very thin piece of fabric that few animals will have any trouble getting through. At Camp Out Colorado, we recommend that you don’t even keep deodorant, toothpaste, gum or candy in your tent. Keep any “smelly” stuff separate. Don’t give the wildlife an excuse to break in.

Do Not Wear Your Shoes in the Tent

Texsport Deluxe Fan/Light Combo

Texsport Deluxe Tent Fan/Light Combo

This seems pretty straight forward but I have noticed that a lot of people do not follow this rule. First, it tracks all kinds of dirt and other nasty stuff into your tent. All of this can easily get into your bed, clothes or anything else in the tent. Second, the hard soles of your shoes wear holes in the bottom of the tent very quickly. Rocks can get stuck in the treads of your shoes, tearing holes in the floor of the tent. Once you have a hole, water and/or wildlife have a way into your tent.

Respect Your Neighbors

Sound carries easily in the outdoors and there is almost nothing stopping your voices when talking in a tent. Respect your neighbors and their sleeping time and stay as quiet as possible. This is great time to lay back and enjoy your vacation and listen to the sounds of nature.

Close Up the Tent Completely When Leaving Camp

Gear Aid Tent Repair Kit

Gear Aid Tent Repair Kit

Even if you are going up to the outhouse it is a good idea to close up your tent completely. In many places, but especially in the Colorado mountains, weather can change very quickly and all of the careful preparation you did to set up the tent will be wasted if you get rain in your tent through an open window. I rarely open the windows in my tent. All of the new tents have great ventilation and can easily dry out the tent throughout the day even if the windows are closed. It just isn’t worth the risk.

With these simple tips, you can have a fun camping experience in your favorite Colorado campgrounds. I share these tips with new campers. To those who think they know better, I let nature take its inevitable course.

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