Colorado Day 2018 – Free State Park Entrance

Colorado Day 2018 is just around the corner! On August 6th there will be free entrance to all Colorado State Parks. This is a great opportunity to get out there and enjoy a Colorado State Park near you. Colorado is an amazing place and the state has done a great job in providing and maintaining 42 parks all over the state. Find one you love or go to one you have not enjoyed yet. Take the time to enjoy what Colorado has to offer.

Free State Park Entrance - Colorado Day 2018

Suggestions for Colorado Day 2018

Here are a few of the Colorado State Parks we have visited and what we think of them.

New Review! Lathrop Colorado State Park Camping Review

Lathrop State Park is a nice Colorado State Park just off of I-25 in southern Colorado. It sits nicely between Colorado City and Trinidad, outside of Walsenburg. It has a couple of large lakes to enjoy. It also has two separate campgrounds depending on what you are looking at for your stay. One campground is good for tent camping while the other is good for trailer and RV camping. There are a lot of different things to do inside Lathrop State Park, even play a round or two of golf! The weather here is often warm and mild. Lathrop State Park is a great place to visit if you like a variety of amenities and activities but are looking for less of a crowd.

Eleven Mile State Park Camping Review

Eleven Mile Reservoir, to the west of Colorado Springs, is a very popular destination for campers in central Colorado. It is about an hour west of Colorado Springs on US-24. This Colorado State Park sits in the very southern end of what is known as South Park, a huge glacial plain in the Rocky Mountains. Eleven Mile State Park has over 300 campsites. You will find walk-in tent only basic sites without electricity as well as RV sites, complete with electricity. Some of the RV sites are built to accommodate RV’s up to 40 feet in length. There is a dump station for campers and RV’s, and there is plenty of fresh water around the park. The weather here is generally mild, but can be windy, and the weather can change quickly, so be prepared. There is a variety of wildlife here including bears so be sure to follow good camping habits when in bear country.

North Michigan Reservoir Campground Camping Review

North Michigan Reservoir Campground surrounds a beautiful mountain lake in the heart of State Forest State Park. This campground offers a wide variety of campsite types from tent-only all the way up to a nice cabin. Most campsites here will accommodate campers and small or medium size RVs. Being in the heart of this Colorado State Park offers campers here a whole slew of activities. If you’re looking for a place that can accommodate a wide variety of camping experiences and interests, North Michigan Reservoir Campground might be a great place for you.

These are a few suggestions for Colorado Day 2018. There are many more to choose from just check out our camping review section! If you can’t find the park you are looking for there, you can find all of the Colorado State Parks for Colorado Day 2018 on the Colorado State Park website. Get out there and enjoy what our beautiful state has to offer!

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