Free Fishing Weekend June 2nd and 3rd

Free Fishing Weekend June 2nd and 3rd

Free Fishing Weekend!

Enjoy a free fishing weekend on June 2nd and 3rd. Free fishing weekends in Colorado mean that you do not need a license to fish! So dust off your fishing gear and get out there and go fishing!

Don’t have any fishing gear? No problem! Ask a friend who does go fishing if you can borrow some of their fishing gear. Better yet, see if they would be interested in the free fishing weekend to go out with you and enjoy some fishing. It’s a great opportunity for experienced anglers to help those that are new to the sport.

The free fishing weekend is a great opportunity to learn about fishing. It is a great way to test out what all the fuss is about. Find out if fishing is something you may enjoy. Fishing can be a great activity for yourself or for your whole family!

The Best Free Fishing Weekend Tip Ever

There are a million tips that you will get from other anglers, but the most important tip I can think of is this.

Go fishing. Don’t go catching. Then you should never be disappointed with any fishing trip.

With that philosophy in mind free fishing weekend is sure to be a success. Fishing is a wonderful outdoor experience. A time to enjoy nature and all it has to offer. There is a lot of fun in trying out and testing fishing techniques. Or just kick back and count on your fishing luck. Fishing gives us time to meditate on life. Fishing offers the opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family. Just make sure to enjoy your time and put the catching of fish in the back of your mind. That way when you do catch fish it is a bonus to your trip.

A Few Other Free Fishing Weekend Tips

For a few other fishing tips look to our Colorado Fish Stocking Report to find out bodies of water that have recently been stocked. Anglers can often find better catching in areas that are recently stocked with fish.

Another great resource here on is our Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar. Use this handy page to find out the best times to fish on your trips.

Finally I will point you to the Colorado Fishing Atlas for the free fishing weekend. This is a great tool to get specific information on the area in Colorado that you plan to be fishing.

Keep in mind there may still be fees to enter a State Park or get a day pass in some areas. So be prepared for those on this free fishing weekend.

The free fishing weekend is a great way to get out and enjoy our beautiful state. So don’t let this opportunity slip by. Make plans now to head out and enjoy the free fishing weekend.

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